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Welcome to the new era of kids furniture

Imagine..  A land free of toxins and worry for parents, where toys have a meaning and purpose in life. A place where kids can climb trees in the shape of bed. A moment in time, where kids can Grow Wild! 

When you think of the word organic, what comes to mind?  Of course, we know about organic foods and organic baby products are all the rage right now..  However, Organic Furniture is not a common term being used - yet. 

For the same reasons that we want organics for our baby, holds true for kids and adults. We want safe products in our homes that won't leach chemicals, hurt ourselves or our environment. 

At Huckleberry, "Organic" is a term that encompasses all things natural, for example: 

  • Real wood sourced from sustainable forests
  • Eco-friendly production practices
  • Water based and non-toxic finishes
  • Chemical free foams and natural latex
  • Certified Organic Cotton and Wool textiles   

Learning from other parents

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) know too well, how toxins and fumes can affect their child, causing migraines, depression, seizures, and trouble focusing. So, they must be extra careful about the products they choose.

This is why ASD parents search for solid wood furniture, non-toxic finishes, and low VOC's.  

What to avoid:  

  • MDF or particle board products that may contain formaldehyde 
  • Finishes with high Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) 
  • Mattresses that are chemically treated with fire retardants

When you purchase organic home furnishings, you're actually helping to detoxify your home. 

Even Asian-American families will not buy products made in China because of quality control scandals, and all of the pollutants in wooden and plastic products. They are becoming very savvy in their shopping habits, and looking elsewhere for their household and luxury goods.

Although, I'm inclined to believe that the Scandinavians may have it figured out the most. Organics and Sustainable products aren't the exception, it's their normal way of life. It's a closeness to nature with how products are made, valued and enjoyed.

Perhaps this intentional way of living is what makes the Scandi's the happiest people on earth..  Hmm..  More on this later.. 

Meanwhile.. Check out our line of Scandinavian organic kids furniture. 

Solid Wood Kids Beds

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Natural Cotton Bedding & Pillows

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