The Magical Cupboard

Magical Cupboard - Huckleberry Kids Rooms

It’s a desk, no it’s a cupboard, no it’s a…table?! Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter because it is MAGICAL!

This piece of furniture which we like to call the Magical Cupboard will fit many needs. A cool space saving piece of furniture that converts from a storage cupboard to a desk or table with bench seating! The design is so clever, modern and multi-functional, that you can create your own different combinations every day for activities. 

**Award Winning furniture for Best Design 2016**  - Balthazar Award in Brussels

Simply pull out the extensions for puzzles, games, or home work. And when the home work is done, then easily push all the elements away. All neat and tidy. It's also a statement piece for the living room, play room, or below a high bed.

The best part is that it is currently on SALE through August just in time for Back to School! Save 15% right now on

Here are some ideas on how to use it...



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