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Woolly Warm.. 

Embrace the Hygge way of living with this handcrafted, luxurious, premium tufted Wool Mattress Pad. Wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, but also keeps you warm in winter and cool in the summer. 

This Certified Organic Wool Mattress pad is 1 1/2 inches thick and designed to go over our European sized mattresses. Cover is Certified Organic Cotton Sateen.

Experience The Benefits Of Natural Wool

Hypoallergenic: Wool is resistant to mold, bacteria and mildew.

Temperature Control: Wool wicks heat and moisture away from your body, keeping you cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather.

Fire Retardant: Wool extinguishes itself when touched to a flame, making it a natural fire retardant.

Dust Mite Repellant: Due to its moisture wicking properties, wool creates an arid environment that mites find inhospitable. 

  • Filled with 1 1/2" of Certified Organic Wool
  • Covered in an Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric
  • Sheep lovingly raised in the Northwest
  • Hand-Tufted
  • Made near Mt. Shasta, CA

Colors: Off-white / Cream

Measurements: 79 x 35.5 x 1.5 IN.

Article No: PLM308


Care Instructions:

Your wool bedding is ready to use, there is no need to wash your items before use.

Protection is Best: Place your wool item inside an appropriate cover that can be washed regularly.

Wool fiber can be rejuvenated and cleaned with direct sunlight.

Spot Cleaning: Place the item in the sink and hand wash the specific area with a biodegradable detergent. For small stains, soak the area with hydrogen peroxide and let it dry between applications; for tough stains, multiple applications may be required. 

To assist in drying place item between two towels and press water out.

On Dry Cleaning: Only use a certified “green” dry cleaner who knows how to wash a woolen item.

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