July Drawing Contest - Favorite Summer Activities


Win a Bear Rug!  

The prize for July is a fuzzy wuzzy Bear Rug.. These super soft & fun fleece bears are great as a play rug, or a snuggly blanket, or even a WILD costume!  Color choices of White Polar Bear or Grey Grizzly Bear. 

 Huckleberry_Kids_Bear_Rug  Huckleberry_Kids_Polar_Bear_Rug

Parents, here's how it works.. 

A. Ask your child to draw or paint their favorite Summer Activity

Submissions can be any idea related to the monthly theme, and any medium (crayon, marker, chalk paint, collage, etc.). Writing and story telling is also encouraged.. The more creative and unique or abstract, the better!

B. Take a photo and post it on Huckleberry's Facebook page or Instagram page

Entries are due no later than July 31, 2017. Include a title or short description, and your child's first name and age. *Name and age are optional, but it does help with bragging rights! However, we do not recommend using full names on social media, for kids under 13.

C. Share with all your friends and family to vote on your child's artistic genius!

Drawings with the most votes (number of likes on Huckleberry's social media sites) by the end of month will win the prize. 3 winners with the top votes will be chosen each month. Winners will be contacted within 1 week of the contest end date. 

Good Luck and Have Fun!! 


Huckleberry Cluster